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Black Truffle Sauce (Contado)
Brand: Contado degli Acquaviva
Country: Italy
Net Wt: 580 ML

A wonderful truffle sauce to serve over vegetables, potatoes, meat, eggs and even some fish dishes. Experiment and enjoy! Our sauces can be directly used to flavor pasta, rice, and meat. 

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Contado degli Acquaviva

1. When using the sauce to flavor Pasta: pour the sauces in a pot (two spoons for every person), add pasta or noodles to it, add a little water (ideally, the one you have used to cook pasta) and mix everything for one minute. And viola, it’s ready.

2. When using the sauce to flavor Meat: add a spoon of sauce on the meat and spread them out. If you prefer to have the strong truffle flavor, avoid adding other seasonings such as oil & salt.  

3. Add the Sauce as a topping for your Pizza.

4. Prepare Umbrian crostini, Spoleto-style.

5. Use the Sauce to flavor your Meat Stew.

6. Use the Sauce to dress roasted or steamed Freshwater Fish.

7. Use the Sauce to dress roasted or boiled Poultry

8. Enjoy the Sauce with your lovely Eggs the way you like it: Omelette, Fried, or Poached


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