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Beef Cube Roll (Rib Eye) Grain Fed

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Storage: Chilled
Brand: Minerva
Origin: Brazil
Packing: 4 KG

Some say rib-eye, others say rib-eye steak, but it’s basically the same cut. The only difference is prime rib-eye has the bone in, while the rib-eye steak is deboned.

Rib-eye is cut from prime rib and is a thick, roundish steak. It has more marbling than most other cuts, thanks to the intramuscular fat in the ribs, which is what gives it its great beefy taste. Leaving the bone in helps to give meat more flavor.

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The less you do to rib-eye, the better. Simply season the meat with salt and ground white pepper – nothing else. “Sear it in a hot pan until medium-rare and put the meat onto a plate with a blob of garlic and parsley butter.”

And here’s another great tip. If you’re braaing rib-eye, the coals need to be red hot, even if you like your meat rare. It also needs to rest a little longer than most steaks as rib-eye tends to be thicker than fillet.

Although rib-eye is America's favorite cut, it is one of the newer kids on the butcher's block in South Africa and will appeal to young meat lovers on a budget.

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