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Pitted Cuquillos Niçoises Olives
Brand: Belazu
Country: United Kingdom
Net Wt: 3 KG

Intensely aromatic olive with aniseed notes and a pleasant touch of bitterness - with no stones. Grown in Spain, these small purple olives are carefully produced in small batches, fermented slowly and naturally in barrels of brine over several months, so as to retain the maximum levels of antioxidant flavonoids. Use these pitted olives in a Niçoises and Greek salads, or with pizza and pasta. Large green Chalkidiki olives, hand-stuffed in Greece with pieces of garlic and crisp jalapeno pepper, adding a savoury piquancy to the mild-tasting, juicy olives.

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United Kingdom

Nutritional Information:

Carbohydrates 0.50gm
Energy 844kJ/205kcal
Fat 20.70gm
of which Saturates 2.30gm
of which Sugars 0.00gm
Fibre 6.60gm
Protein 1.00gm
Salt 3.50gm




Pitted Cuquillo olives, salt. Packed in: water & sunflower oil.



Packaging & Storage:

Arrives in a 3.00kg resealable bucket. Keep Refrigerated. Once opened, keep refrigerated under brine and consume within two (2) weeks. 




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