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Goose Whole
Storage: Frozen
Brand: Euro Gourmet
Origin: Netherlands
Packing: 4.2 KG

Accepting Pre-Orders Only | Deliveries from November-end onwards.

Goose meat is darker and has a more intense flavor and denser texture than turkey meat. Most of the fat lies under the skin, similar to duck, rather than in the meat so it melts during cooking and bastes the breast deliciously. Goose is the traditional alternative to a Christmas turkey. 

Although having a large carcass the bird is bony with a big ribcage which means pound for pound it will feed fewer people than a turkey. However, because the meat is much richer a smaller portion is usually called for.

If you've never had goose meat before and is wondering what it tastes like you should know this - for someone who enjoys duck meat, there is a very good chance that they will enjoy the goose meat too. And, if someone enjoys the dark leg meat of a turkey - goose meat would be similar but much tastier!

Feeds 4 - 5 people.


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