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Fine de Claire Oysters (N4)
Storage: Chilled
Brand: Dubliax-Huitres
Origin: France
Packing: 1 Crate


The Fine de Claire is for those who prefer a less fleshy Oyster. These Oysters are finished for several weeks in shallow clay ponds where they acquire a superior quality shell to Oysters grown in the open sea. It is during this process that the claires of the Marennes Oléron basin impart the subtleties of regional flavours. 

The Fine de Claire Oysters have an elongated shell, with a softer-coloured flesh that has a higher liquid content and has a balanced flavour. 


1 crate of 100 Fine de Claire Oysters | each Oyster weighs between 46 and 65 grams.


The Fine de Claire Oysters are grown through-out the year. sources and delivers these Oysters fresh to you through weekly air-freight from France. A lead time of 1-week may be applicable as we only deliver Fresh.



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Breeding Area

Principally in the Marennes-Orléron, Bretagne, and La Vendée regions of France.

Did You Know?

  • Each oyster must have spent at least 28 days in the famous ‘Claires’ to be called a Fine de Claire.
  • Based on the maturity of the oyster they are divided into Fine de Claire, Speciale de Claire, and Pousse en Claire.
  • The more mature the oyster is, the meatier it becomes.

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