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Beef Tenderloin Chain Off Grass Fed - 2.00kg (McPhee)
Brand: McPhee
Country: Australia
Net Wt: 1 Pieces

This grass-fed beef tenderloin is true to its name—tender in every way.

Since grass-fed beef is so lean, it can sometimes seem tough to a palate accustomed to grain-finished beef. But this cut offers all the health benefits of grass-fed beef along with the tenderness usually associated with grain-finished beef.

Good to remember: lean texture means grass-fed beef cooks faster than you expect. Keep a close eye on it to avoid drying it out. And don't cook it beyond rare to medium rare. Then sink your teeth into the flavor of authentic beef.

  • Raised on family-owned ranches
  • 100% grass-fed beef
  • No antibiotics, no hormones, no stimulants
  • Lean, tender meat with a mild flavor profile
  • Yields 5-6 portions on average
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