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  1. Range: 20-1392

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Wagyu Beef - World's #1 Award Winner

Jack's Creek Wagyu Beef - World's Best Steak Award Winner 2015 - 100% HALAL

  • F1-F4
  • MB 4-5 , 6-7 & 8-9
  • 400-450 days grain fed  
  • No added hormones 
  • Free from antibiotics 
  • 100% Halal Certified

Jack’s Creek has led the field as one of the first Australian companies to breed, grow, feed, process and market Wagyu beef. Jack’s Creek Wagyu beef is derived from cross bred Wagyu cattle.Our Wagyu are bred and grown in the prime agricultural areas of the Liverpool Plains in Northern New South Wales and the Darling Downs in South East Queensland. All of our cattle are raised free range for the first part of their lives in a natural clean environment, grazing on the abundance of natural grasses in Eastern Australia. Our Wagyu are grain fed for 400-450 days using no added hormones on a specially designed diet of feed grains to generate the highly marbled characteristics of Wagyu beef.

Wagyu Beef - World's #1 Award Winner

New -34% Angus Beef Burger Patty 220gm Read

Net wt: 220 GRAMS

Regular Price: AED16.00

Special Price AED10.45

Net wt: 220 GRAMS

Regular Price: AED22.00

Special Price AED15.50

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