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Veal T-Bone Porterhouse Steaks Milk Fed Frozen - 800gms avg (Peter's Farm)
Brand: Peter's Farm
Country: Netherlands
Net Wt: 1 Piece

Peter’s Farm produces veal in a unique animal friendly way. This results in top quality Peter's Farm Veal. Our calves live in a herd together. This natural herding tendency is combined with maximum care and attention for each calf. We have been leaders in this field since 1997. Our veal products are sold under the Peter's Farm brand

Peter's Farm Premium Milk Fed Veal is 100% HALAL Certified

Veal is a luxurious meat that comes from calves that range from 8 to 16 weeks of age. The T-bone steaks are veal chops that come from the loin area. When you pick veal, the meat should be pale-colored, almost white, according to the “Joy of Cooking.” Milk fed pale pink veal is ideal for grilling and pan-cooking.

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Peter's Farm


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