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Chili Peppers Caved with Tuna [Contado - Italy]
Brand: Contado degli Acquaviva
Country: Italy
Net Wt: 3,100 ML


Piedmontese Chili Peppers (40%)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

Tuna (18%)






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Contado degli Acquaviva

Only small peppers of a uniform size are selected, which are then de-seeded by hand. After being cooked in white wine vinegar, they are stuffed with a delicious mixture of tuna, anchovy, capers, and parsley, before being soaked in extra-virgin olive oil.

This recipe requires time and a great deal of care. The cooking has to be gauged just right so that the chillis are crunchy: A true delicacy with a full-bodied, strong, yet well-balanced flavor. One of the most inviting hors d’oeuvres you can find.



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