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Camel Milk Ice Cream - Honey Saffron - 125ml [NOUQ - UAE]
Brand: Nouq
Country: United Arab Emirates
Net Wt: 125 ML

Sold as 8 cups pack

Most  preferred camel milk ice cream of  5-star Hotel Chefs in Dubai!

Nouq ice cream is made out of whole pasteurized camel milk following traditional Italian recipe.Milk is pasteurized for optimal & standardized taste. The whole milk gives an awesome creaminess to the ice cream..The result is a clean honey saffron flavored scoop. Made with real Iranian saffron

Low calorie, low sugar. Min 60% whole camel milk. Nutritionally, camel milk is rich in vitamins and minerals and low in cholesterol.

Ingredients: Fresh full fat camel milk, sugar, fresh cow cream, skimmed cow milk powder, honey, dextrose, natural saffron. Stabilizers: E412. Emulsifiers: E410, vegetable E471. Allergen Information: milk proteins, lactose, may contain traces of nuts. 

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United Arab Emirates


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