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  1. Range: 19-194

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Organic vegetables and regular vegetables directly from farms in UAE. Collected fresh from the farm on a daily basis. Limited stocks and value priced. Frozen fruits and berries like Strawberry, Raspberry, Cranberry, Blueberry, Blackberry and Forest Berries in 2.5 KG pack, imported from Netherlands. Chefs across the world have endorced fruitlife fruits and its used in most 5-Star Hotels in Dubai and UAE. Once, thawed, its as nutritious and tasty as fresh fruits . Can be consumed as whole fruits and also suitable for smoothie, salad and baking purposes. We sell the premium brand of "Fruitlife" at value price.


Net wt: 2,900 GRAMS

Regular Price: AED124.00

Special Price AED74.00

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