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NOUQ Camel Milk Ice Cream - Vanilla 2 LT
Brand: Nouq
Country: United Arab Emirates
Net Wt: 2 LITRE

The preferred camel milk ice cream of the 5-star hotel Chefs in Dubai!

This quality ice cream is made out of whole pasteurized camel milk, from an Italian recipe.Milk is pasteurized for garanteed optimal, standardized taste and whole milk gives creaminess to the ice cream.The result is a clean French vanilla flavor. Includes real vanilla seeds.


DELIVERY : Within 48 hours 

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United Arab Emirates

Ingredients: Fresh full fat camel milk, sugar, skimmed cow milk powder, dextrose, glucose syrup, vanilla extract, vanilla seeds, fresh cow cream. Stabilizers: E410, E412, E406, E440. Emulsifiers: E450, vegetable E471.Food Color: E150c. Allergen Information: milk proteins, lactose, may contain traces of nuts. 

Low calorie, low sugar. Min 60% whole camel milk.
Nutritionaly, camel milk is rich in vitamins and minerals, and low in cholesterol.

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