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Café Zafferano

Arabs were the first to cultivate, brew and explore coffee. Today however coffee making and brewing travelled around the world and has become more advanced than it is in the Arab World. That does not mean we are behind. Arabs have a very unique culture when it comes to coffee and hospitality. What we aim at Café Zafferano is to bring a unique coffee and tea experience to the world. One that is associated with the uniqueness of the Arab culture, and even more the uniqueness of Dubai.

We would like to bring to the world a very nice experience and become the Dubai’s first global franchiser. Through Café Zafferano we will export to the rest of the world a wonderful experience, a very dynamic concept and true hospitality. We will send to the world the message of peace, innovation, and love. We will share with the world the Dubai experience.

We will also entertain you with a number of nice ways of preparing coffee by using different tools like Chemex and Syphones. We will serve a range of our signature drinks, the “Zafferano originals”. You will enjoy a range of drinks made with ingredients that include Saffron, a spice that is know for its health benefits. We hope that you will enjoy tea and coffee in a very relaxing atmosphere and in a very unique way of serving.

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